Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Book Giveaway

I'm generally not a fan of wacky. This brand-new book (January 2010) is said to be a little like Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I've never cared for, a little like the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch, which I've not read, and to me it's also a tad like The Mysterious Benedict Society books, which I've both read and liked. But when I picked this book off the shelf, I was hooked right away: It's just plain funny. Dr. Cuthbert Soup, as the author calls himself, talks directly to the audience, which I happen to think works well in a humorous book. Besides being a storyteller, he's also an advice giver, inserting funny first-person asides between the chapters of the story, written in third person. In short, the story is about a scientist who builds a time machine that governments, spies and crooks the world over want to get their hands on, so he and his three "smart, pleasant, witty, attractive, polite, and relatively odor free" kids (ages 8, 12, and 14) hit the road in search of somewhere they can have a normal life--which you know is something these people will never find. Staying just ahead of the bad guys all the way, they must twist, turn and brainstorm their way out of trouble. Here's an example of the humor that hooked me: "Dictionaries, in my experience, are full of words that most people will never, ever use....At the same time, the snobbish dictionary conglomerates refuse to include words that people commonly use on a daily basis. Words such as nother, as in "That's a whole nother story." Or boughten, as in "I haven't boughten a dictionary in years." And the beginning of chapter 1: "If you're anything like me, and most of you are by virtue of cell structure..."

To be entered in the drawing:
  • Comment on this post anytime on April 1, 2, or 3.
  • For an additional entry, become a follower of this blog and mention that in the comment. Ditto if you already are a follower.
  • For an additional entry, post a link to this contest and give the URL in either the same or a separate comment. In this category, you can enter as many times as you have cyber-places to post the contest.
I'll tally the number of entries per person, put 'em all in the hat, draw one, and announce the winner bright and early on Monday, April 5.

So, come one, come all--and meanwhile have a great day in the world of books.


Bish Denham said...

Sounds like a delightful book! I'll be posting a sidebar link to your contest on my blog.

Jean Reidy said...

A friend just recommended this book to me. I hope I win!!!

Jean Reidy said...

There. Done.
Comment - check!
Twitter link - check!
Facebook link - check!
Following - check!
Thanks, Marcia!!

Marcia said...

Bish -- It is fun. You're entered x3.

Jean -- Wouldn't it be fun to win something you're just dying to read? You're entered x4.

Mary Witzl said...

I didn't care for the Lemony Snicket books either -- I thought I was the only one! Love that cell structure line!

(I have NOT forgotten about my critique -- I'm working on a different ms right now, but plan to get the first part of the one I'm sending to you whipped into shape by this weekend.)

Katie L. Carroll said...

Count me in. And I'm a follower!

Unknown said...

I'm not going to enter because I'd rather others win, but it does sound like an interesting book!

Boni Ashburn said...

I checked this one out of the library and it's HILARIOUS. I'd love to have a copy for my kids to read it next :)

Llehn said...

I'd love to play please.

I'm already a follower.


Marcia said...

Mary -- It's great that you've got two projects going! You're entered x2.

Katie -- You are most definitely in. x2. :)

Beth -- I'm thinking one of the best ways to "break the rules" is to be hilarious while doing so. Thanks for stopping in.

Boni -- Thanks for entering. I hope your whole family enjoys it!

Llehn -- So glad you came to play! You're in x2.

Harinder said...

- I think I would enjoy this book. Count me in.

- I am a follower


Anne Spollen said...

I'm actually buying this book for Emma (already ordered) so I'll let someone else win.

I was reluctant with this one too, but now I may give it a chance. I'm not big on wacky, slapsticky books (I loved Lemony Snickett, though - that was more eccentric than silly) so thanks for the review!

Marcia said...

Blogicious -- Thanks for coming! You are entered x2.

Anne -- I hope Emma will enjoy it. I'm also not big on wacky or on Unfortunate Events types of books. I really haven't defined what makes me like them or not, I guess they just have to tickle my funny bone.

Putting all the entries in the hat...