Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun with Lists -- Or, An Award of Our Own

Vijaya Bodach and Kim Kasch awarded me this Kreativ Blogger award. I'm honored by the implication that I not only blog creatively, but possibly kreativly. Although not in the area of spelling, I hope. :)
I'm to name seven things I love and then pass the award to several others. Maybe seven others? I'll have to visit their blogs again to find out. Hmmmm, these awards are useful little things for promo, no? :D
Okay, for the list:

1. I love Jesus. The more I go all-out in faith, the more real He gets, and the more I see that fantastic-sounding scriptures really are true. And then all the promises of the Bible open up to me and I want to find out how to realize them. Wow. I'm an actual child of the King of the universe.

2. I love books. I don't know how non-readers live. And though I might possibly love books enough to do whatever it takes to read them, including invest in e-reading gadgets if those are the only way to go in the future, I sure hope they're not. I love the physicality of books as well as the contents. Besides, I read and write all day on the screen. Enough screens, already.

3. I love singing on my church's worship team. Now, I'm not the best singer that ever came down the pike, but I ain't bad, and the old girl's pipes can get some of those long-ago abilities back, even after a period of dormancy. I love it, I'm honored they'll have me, and it's an opportunity I didn't expect to get since most churches want you to be -- ahem, not quite so long in the tooth to be in a band. But our mid-20s worship leader not only doesn't care, he actively wants me. Amazing.

4. I love fruit. The snap of a fresh-picked McIntosh apple as you bite into it. Tangy citrus; sweet strawberries; smooth bananas; the juice-explosions of plums, peaches and pineapple; those little nubbins raspberries are made of -- I love it all.

5. I love ice cream. I LOVE ice cream. Which, in the calorie department, I guess cancels out loving fruit. No wait -- that's balances out, right?

6. I love my husband and children. And that definitely includes the kids-in-law and grands. While I mean no slight to my husband here -- oh, my, the kids. There's no other love quite like it. As somebody said, when you have kids, you start walking around with your heart outside your body. We joke that "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." But it's just as true, as Anne Bradstreet wrote of her children, "I happy am, if well with you."

7. I love good friendships. I've been really up and down in this area of life. I've had periods of wonderful, one-of-a-kind friendships, and I've had friendless periods that lasted years. Fortunately, I'm on an upswing. :)

8. Okay, I need an eighth. I love to write, of course!

And now it's time to pass it on. The thing is, I don't want to pass this award on to people who've already gotten it, so I shall also have to check blogs to see who has, and hope I don't accidentally repeat. And to people about whom I'd be curious to know what seven things they love. So I'm off to do the research. Okay, I'm back. The Kreativ Blogger award -- hey, you can all say that on this day of the Newbery et. al awards, you too have won something -- goes to: Anne Spollen, Susan Gray, PJ Hoover, Mary Whitsell, Nora MacFarlane, and Donna.


Gottawrite Girl said...

Awesome... and thanks!!!! So, I love woody apples, too. The harder the better.

: )

So much alike, I must say!


Vijaya said...

Love your list, Marcia. All the important things.

PJ Hoover said...

Thank you so much, Marcia! I love the ice cream vs. fruit contrast. Too funny!

Marcia said...

GWG -- Yes, hard apples, but pears that are just pliable to the thumb. I had a friend who liked them the other way around. Hard pears and soft apples. Ick! :)

Vijaya -- I tried to cover the important things, like ice cream. :)

PJ -- Back in college, I often ate the fruit plate plus ice cream for lunch. A sort of pain-in-the-neck girl used to berate my supposed ignorance; how could I expect to cut calories by eating fruit and then ice cream? I tried to tell her I LIKED these items and calories didn't figure in, but she had to have it her way.

Kelly said...

My faith and family - I thank God for them every day!
Great list!

Mary Witzl said...

Yay, thank you! How exciting that I've won this, and how grateful I am that I don't have to use technology and take pictures of things around my house!

You cheated and named really important things you love. And there I was thinking that if I did this, I'd have to mention my spiffy new vegetable peeler and my lined trousers.

Marcia said...

Kelly -- Me too!

Mary -- I cheated? Was I supposed to name small stuff? :D This makes me chuckle over something I said recently and the person looked at me and said, "Wow, that's deep." I guess I have deep tendencies. :) I'd love to hear about your vegetable peeler and lined trousers. I mean, we've got to be grateful (kind of the same thing) for the little stuff, too.

Brenda said...

Great list! Ice cream should be on everyone's list! grin...

WordWrangler said...

Ooooh! I loved learning all those things about you! I love to write and sing, too. And I love my hubby and kids. Ice cream, eh. I can take it or leave it...unless you throw some brownies in with it. Then you better move out of the way. LOL!

As always, I love reading your blog! :)

Marcia said...

Brenda -- I briefly considered making ice cream my avatar at Verla's. Somebody else is using it there, and my eyes always go to that picture.

Donna -- Would you believe I have both ice cream and brownies in the kitchen? Oh dear, now look where my mind is going . . .

Anne Spollen said...

Hi Marcia -- I just saw this - I've been crazy busy with the start of a new semester at the colelge, but thanks so much for naming me!

Fun reading your favorites - you named all the good stuff.

Marcia said...

Anne, I'll look forward to your list! Hope your semester is off to a good start.