Monday, March 15, 2010

Every Blog has a Silver Lining

I received this pretty blue and pink award from Anne Spollen, in honor of spring coming soon. Which of course, seals the deal: spring IS coming soon, right?

Though I must confess I don't hate winter. I don't hate it because I'm spoiled; I work at home and seldom have to go out in it if that is not convenient. I don't suffer from cabin fever or SAD. I wear my bathrobe or pj pants if I feel like it (and I usually do), write, teach, hang out online, brew a pot of soup or a cup of tea and say "Let it snow." Although summer is still my favorite season, because the child in me still equates it to time off; I have to be ready in summer. Really, I enjoy all the seasonal changes and am glad I live where they happen. Thanks, Anne.


Bish Denham said...

That is a lovely award and it matches your blog colors beautifully.

Andrea said...

Congratulations on your Silver Lining Award!!

I'm like you when it comes to winter. I love that I can bundle up and get comfy. Not so in summer. And since we both work for the same school, being able to work at home is a big blessing when it comes to icy roads.

But there IS something about spring and all its hope of new things to come, isn't there?

Mary Witzl said...

I'm SO ready for spring! I'm sick and tired of practically living in leg warmers and an undershirt. But autumn is my favorite season because it is the most dramatic. I can even forgive it for bringing in winter.

Rena said...

Beautiful award! I don't hate winter either. Having lived in SoCA all my life, I'm really enjoying being in a place with snow and the other seasons. :)

Marcia said...

Bish -- As far as I'm concerned, any hue in the blue/pink/purple family is muy gorgeous. :)

Andrea -- And foggy roads. A mile from my house, there was a huge, huge, chain reaction crash in the fog. Miraculously and blessedly, no one was killed, and only one person who went to the hospital was not released that same day. But the pictures were just horrid. Yes, I love the "hope" of spring.

Mary -- I'm at the stage where time flies SO fast that even winter isn't long anymore. I have trouble with Feb and March dreariness sometimes, but every other time of year has something wonderful going for it.

Rena -- I know people who want to move to warm-all-the-time climates, and some do. They must be disappointed when snow follows them to FL or TX.

Anonymous said...

We're in autumn, which I love. I like being all snuggly in winter :o)

Christina Farley said...

Congrats! I like seasons but I don't like being cold!

Anne Spollen said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I like winter, too. I would never want to live where there was only warmth.

Summer is my favorite season, also, but I do appreciate the beauty of winter.

That being said, I'm still so ready for spring!

Marcia said...

Niki -- I like autumn for itself, but the "saying goodbye to summer" part is bittersweet.

Christina -- I don't like being cold either! That's a big reason I'm not an outdoor person. Blow a cool breeze at me when it's less than 80 degrees, and I run for cover.

Anne -- I wouldn't want all year long to be the same, either. I've never lived it -- I wonder if you lose track of the time of year sometimes?