Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Mini-Break for March

Hello, bloggy friends ~~

For several reasons, I've decided to take a blog break this month:
  • I'm diving back into revisions just now.
  • I still need to keep up with my students, meanwhile.
  • I need to get the taxes done, and thus far have faced too many roadblocks to doing so.
  • I need to expand my Idea Explosion Workshop for another SCBWI event I'll be taking part in on Saturday, May 4. In fact, I may sneak back here during the month and post about it when the registration info and flyer are ready.
  • I'm beginning to lag a bit on things to post about, and I don't want to burn out on blogging and quit for a year, like I did about five years ago. I need to let the well fill.
  • My life is so very much online and, even when offline, behind this keyboard. I'm due for a bit of variation, in the interest of letting the above-mentioned well fill.
  • March, encompassed by Lent and culminating in Easter, seems an appropriate time for a slower pace.
I think I'll most likely pop in on other blogs now and then rather than be completely absent, but I'm not sure how that'll go. What I am sure of, Lord willing, is that I'll be back in this space on April 4.

Till then, happy spring, happy writing, and showers of blessings,