Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Mini-Break for March

Hello, bloggy friends ~~

For several reasons, I've decided to take a blog break this month:
  • I'm diving back into revisions just now.
  • I still need to keep up with my students, meanwhile.
  • I need to get the taxes done, and thus far have faced too many roadblocks to doing so.
  • I need to expand my Idea Explosion Workshop for another SCBWI event I'll be taking part in on Saturday, May 4. In fact, I may sneak back here during the month and post about it when the registration info and flyer are ready.
  • I'm beginning to lag a bit on things to post about, and I don't want to burn out on blogging and quit for a year, like I did about five years ago. I need to let the well fill.
  • My life is so very much online and, even when offline, behind this keyboard. I'm due for a bit of variation, in the interest of letting the above-mentioned well fill.
  • March, encompassed by Lent and culminating in Easter, seems an appropriate time for a slower pace.
I think I'll most likely pop in on other blogs now and then rather than be completely absent, but I'm not sure how that'll go. What I am sure of, Lord willing, is that I'll be back in this space on April 4.

Till then, happy spring, happy writing, and showers of blessings,



Unknown said...

Enjoy the break!

Barbara Watson said...

Breaks are necessary at times. I'm always glad people recognize when they need one and take it. Cheers!

Annette said...

Being a former student of yours, I know your present students will thank you for the time you put into helping them.

I know you helped me tremendously!

Take it easy and rest up - while you can. :)

Marcia said...

Thanks, Angelina, Barbara, and Annette! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a fantastic, productive break. I'm taking a break myself at the end of the month. I'll see you in April.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Smart lady.

I'm taking a break too. And i didn't even plan it. Ah, i do hope to get back to it.

Kim Van Sickler said...

Good luck with accomplishing your goals during your time off. I so enjoyed reading your WIP and hope you enjoy the revision process. It really can be fun and rewarding. I look forward to hearing great things about it out in the marketplace someday soon!

Marcia said...

Thank you so much, everyone! I wish refreshing breaks and great productivity to all. :)

Ruth Schiffmann said...

They all sound like very good reasons for a break. Enjoy it!

Marcia said...

Thanks, Ruth! :)

D.E. Malone said...

Good luck with your revisions, Marcia! Enjoy your blog break.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I'm guessing that your revisions will be more fun than doing your taxes. Good luck getting everything done! Enjoy your break and happy Spring!